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What does a podiatry assessment involve?


To enable your podiatrist to provide you with appropriate care, you will be required to fill out a medical consent form. With your contact details, any medical conditions and medication you are taking. If you have difficulty remembering them, bring your medication or a list with you. Filling out the forms also indicates that you consent to having treatment once you have been assessed and treatment options have been discussed with you.


To get a history of your problem and to be able to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan for you, your podiatrist will ask you questions about your foot pain such as when it is occurring, how long you have had pain for, what makes it worse, what makes it better, your occupation, past treatment, activities and footwear.



Once a history has been established, your podiatrist will assess your lower limb when you are

  • non-weight bearing (sitting, lying down)
  • weight bearing (standing up)
  • functional (walking/running or an activity related to your history).

This assessment will help establish the positions and motion available in your different joints. If you have too much or too little movement, this can affect different areas of your lower limbs.



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