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What management options may I be offered?

Shoes play a big part in foot comfort, bring in your shoes that you wear most frequently, any shoes that make your foot pain worse, shoes that you work in and/or any shoes that you do activity in. If you have difficulty putting your shoes on or removing your shoes, our podiatrist can assist you or we have a long shoe horn for your convenience. Once we have assessed your feet and your podiatrist feels that you would benefit from having different shoes, we can write our recommendations down to take to the shoe shop. We work in with the footwear shops to make sure you get the right shoe for your foot type, foot pain and activity type.


Orthoses can come in various shapes and sizes so if you are currently wearing orthoses or had some in the past, bring them in with you. We can assess them and this can assist us in getting you in the correct orthoses for your feet. REMEMBER: If you have been issued with orthoses, it is important to bring your orthoses and the shoes that you wear your orthoses in to your check up appointments as we cannot do a follow up without them. We will discuss the best orthotic option and costs with you. We have casted and premoulded orthotic options avaiable.



We frequently use strapping as a treatment modality to assist in providing support to affected area, enabling area to rest and decrease pain. Strapping is also used as a diagnostic tool to determine long term solutions. 



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